Could you support The Bolton Bulls and help them reach their fundraising goal?
29th October 2013
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The Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Team need your help.

They urgently need to build a new storage facility so they can buy more chairs and allow more players to join the team in the future. But to do that, they need to raise some funds, so have decided to take part in their very own Bolton Bulls biathlon.

The chairman of the club Sacha Jackson, and coach Dan Craddock, will be doing the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge on the 17th May 2014. This involves climbing 3 mountains in only 12 hours and trekking 25 miles and climbing over 1,600 feet to the peaks and back down again. If that wasn’t a difficult enough challenge, they have decided to make the challenge even crazier and make it a biathlon, with the other part of the biathlon being the Manchester 10k race.

The Bolton Bulls team said they could all easily do a 5k race in their wheelchairs, so have decided to increase the difficulty level by participating in the 10k. One of the clubs biggest sponsors, Jon Jones of The Farmers Arms, several players, the chairman and the coach will all be on the start line of the Manchester event.

Following the 2 events they will be hosting a family fun day at The Farmers Arms, during which they will be hosting a raffle to further raise funds

The Bolton Bulls are a wheelchair basketball club that train every Thursday between 8.30pm and 10.30pm at Smithills Sports Centre, and play matches in the third division of the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball National League. They currently have players ranging from ages 18-65, and the club is open for anyone to join, able bodied or disabled. Bolton Bulls provide disabled people of Bolton and Bury with access to fitness facilities and support from other people who have experience and knowledge in issues relating to disabilities.

If you would like to donate, then you can do so by visiting

The target is £1,000 so there’s a long way to go yet, but I’m sure with everyone’s support they will soon hit their goal. 

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