Copy Print Services Celebrate 10 Years in Business!
24th October 2016
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Celebrations all round for Copy Print Services as they have recently celebrated their 10th Year in Business.

We’ve seen Copy Print Services grow and grow over the years and as they have been celebrating their 10th Year, we asked them some questions and here’s what Paula from Copy Print told us!

John started on a YTS fixing typewriters with SR Berry on Lever Street and progressed to printers and Copiers as technology changed.

It was in 1999 that John decided to set up a partnership with a friend and started their own business

The idea was that John would run the service side of things and his partner would be in charge of sales.

The partnership initially worked for the first 2 years but then there became a conflict of interests. John wanted to make sure that customers received great service as well as buying the machine but John’s partner wanted it to be just sales driven.

With that in mind they parted company and in 2006 Copy Print Services was established.

 We set up at home working from our garage!

We now have 16 staff and work from our own purchased 5,000 sq. foot premises which house our offices & warehouse in Kearsley. In this great central location, we are able to serve the North west quickly with great motorway routes.

We work with and look after many local businesses including Duerr’s Jams, Asons Solicitors, Fielding’s Porter Solicitors as well as many local schools.

In the next 10 years we are looking to grow the business further and double the turnover to £4 million.

We will achieve this through growing our customer base and to offer other products and services including franking machines, Document management systems, Print audit software etc.

Our best business tip is to: Tell your customers what you are going to do for them and follow it through.


If you would like any more information about Copy Print Services, give them a call on 01204 572172.


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