Conveyancing Made Simple With The Help Of Amity Conveyancing, Bolton
31st October 2012
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Jayne Hart at Amity Law is one of only 3 licenced conveyancers in Bolton to hold a full CLC qualification. Established in 2005 but with over 30 years experence, Amity Law benefit from many repeat customers due to their exceptional customer service and transparent pricing policy.

This is all well and good, but what is conveyancing, and how can it be of use to you? Well, I'm going to explain.

Conveyancing is the transfer of a property from one person to another. Thatis it in it's simplest terms. So, when you buy a house, or sell one, the title has to be changed to reflect that transaction.

However, it is anything but simple. A standard conveyancing process contains two major events; the exchange of contracts (where the right of ownership to a property is passed on) and completion (where the actual ownership of the property is given). Still following?

It's important, as a buyer, that a good and marketable title to the land or property is obtained, one that means the seller is the actual owner (and it isn't an illegal transaction) and that there is no factor that will hinder the approval of a mortgage or the re-sale of the asset.

But, there is much more to it all than that. Much, much more. Which begs the question: why? Why would you buy or sell anything if this is the process you have to go through? Well, that's where Jayne and Amity Law come in. They do all of this for you, whilst you remain stress-free and available to deal with other things.

And they do it well. Amity Law are a great company, and they receive great reviews on a very regular basis. Just look at the one below, and judge for yourself:

I would like to thank-you for an easy and thorough transaction. We were very happy with your service and felt you were very much on top of things the whole time. I would have no problem recommending your conveyancing service as the best I have used to date (this is my 12th house move so I've got a bit of experience).

When I met up with Miss Bailey who purchased our house, she was telling me that she tried to get in with you as soon as possible but I had beaten her to it by a whisker. She works in a solicitors office and it seems the word on the street amongst them is use Amity - they are they best!

I think that speaks for itself really. So, if you'd like more information on conveyancing (as I'm sure they'll be able to explain it so much better than I can), or would like to enlist Amity Law's help, give them a call on (01204) 684012, or visit their feature page here  for more amazing reviews.

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