Computer Scam Alert From Laptop Repair Bolton
20th July 2011
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Laptop Repair in Bolton are a well established computer and laptop repair and support service.

They recently sent us this update of some work carried out for a client along with a warning

"We received a call from a client who seemed to be very distressed at a problem that had occurred at home on her laptop. The client had told us that she had done something wrong on her machine causing it to act irregularly; we had then asked the client for further information. She told us that Microsoft had called her; they only call when the computer has problems.

She had made a payment to a company that said they were from Microsoft, after she made the payment her machine was remotely taken over by Microsoft.

After the client had told Laptop Repair Bolton what the new program was called on her machine, we were told that the new program was called 'windows antivirus 2011'. This program is a common bug that has appeared onto the scene at this very moment. We receive approximately 5 to 8 machines with the same problem over a week period.  

We knew automatically that she had paid money to a bogus company or person for the software.

We asked the woman how she paid for the program and she replied to us that she had paid by credit card; we told the woman that she must tell her bank as soon as she could to prevent her details being used again.

After we had figured out the problem we told the client to turn her machine off and bring it to Laptop Repair Bolton on great moor street. 

When the machine came into the shop we took a deeper look into the problem and found one other program that was tracking her machine which is key logger/stroke software. What this software does is that any and all keys pressed on the machine are sent to a server some where in the world. This software is used to process bank passwords or any other username or password used for criminal activity.

The symptoms for this software are delays in typing from key to key, e.g. 1 second to 2 seconds or Longer.

We found the infected files on the machine that were causing the delays in the keyboard and removed the 'windows antivirus 2011 Trojan'.

The system was then put through a thorough check and we were happy to return the machine to the customer.

The main points are: Do you have any strange software asking for money? Does your computer have delays when using the keyboard?, If you have these problems stop immediately and call me. 

Laptop Repair Bolton Team. 

Based in the heart of Bolton.

01204 770305

We have seen an increase in customer having this happing to them, we want to warn all not to make any payments or to share any credit/debit card details with anyone calling." 


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