Come and meet George and Mildred at Curley’s Dining Rooms!
13th June 2016
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There are two new additions to the Curley's Dining Rooms  Family, George the Rhino and Mildred the Elephant.

George and Mildred are both amazing, huge sculptures from a company called Pangeasculptures.

Pangeasculptures are all about showcasing the beauty of Africa's wildlife in a unique and creative way, and their main sculptor/artist is named Moses. Pangeasculptures have around 28 people working in Africa to create these pieces of art.

The sculptures are made out of all recycled sheet metal and are breathtaking in the level of detail, quality and originality. 

Each animal is lovingly made, and you can see that they all have their own unique personality and character! 

Come and see George and Mildred on your next visit to Curley’s Dining Rooms! 

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