Cleaning Moss Of Garden Paths With The Help Of Power Washing North West
17th December 2014
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Does your driveway and paths look dirty and grubby or even worse is it a slip hazard? Here Power Washing Bolton share a few tips on cleaning moss away at this time of year to make your paths welcoming and safe. 

Moss can be a nightmare on any surface but especially on decking and on pathways as it becomes a slip hazard especially during the Autumn and Winter months when there is a lot of dampness around.

The only way to manage this is to power wash away the slippery substance and here Power Washing North West Give us a few tips on how to make this easy.

  • Sweep the path so its clear of all debris as this may propel upwards as a missile and cause damage to windows etc.
  • Protect any vulnerable items with covers etc
  • Remember to move your car!
  • Work systematically cleaning a section at a time rather than randomly cleaning sections which will undoubtedly mean you are likely to miss a spot.
  • If you use any cleaning detergents, ensure you have checked they are suitable for your particular surface and will not cause damage.

Of course the other really simply tip is LEAVE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL! Its that time of year when jobs like this are unpleasant, you don't want to be outside any longer than necessary and its simply a means to an end so why not call in Power Washing North West who have a fantastic reputation locally and can get the job done in no time.

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