Barrons of Beef Tell Us How to Cook The Perfect Turkey
13th December 2012
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There are all sorts of Christmas meats available for Christmas Dinner, Goose, Venison and more and this year my family will be tucking into a 3 bird roast but nothing can really replace the traditional turkey for Christmas Dinner.

Thats fine but unless you are a culinary expert then cooking this annual bird can often cause more stress than enjoyment.

So here are a few tips to having the perfect Christmas Day Turkey.

Size A 2.5KG bird would bfeed a family of four with enough left over for turkey sandwiches. A 4KG turkey would feed 7-8 people with plenty of leftovers so look at the size of your party and of course how many leftovers you want.

Cooking Times- As a guide if the bird is under 4kg then allow 20mins per kg then 90 mins extra. 

Cook in a conventional oven at 190°C (Fan 180°C) / 375°F / Gas Mark 5. Cover loosely with foil and remove foil for last 40 minutes for browning.

Ensure your oven is up to temperature. Remember - on Christmas Day power may be reduced slightly due to the surge on the grid. This and regular opening and closing of the oven door (to test the bird etc) will also reduce the heat.

Allow the turkey to stand, covered loosely with foil, for at least 15-20 minutes before carving


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