How to choose the right tiles for your bathroom.
31st July 2013
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Picking the right tiles for your home or office can be a tricky business, but Bolton Ceramics are here to advise you. They have many years’ experience in helping customers. Here are their top tips for choosing the right tiles

  1. Make sure you ask them if you are buying natural stone tiles, because you will need to seal and treat the tiles correctly before you fit them and after they are installed too.
  2. Add border tiles and decorations to wall tilings to brighten them up a little
  3. If your wall or floor needs a lot of tiles, consider have smaller tiles, especially around any permanent fixtures in the room, to give the room more flow.  
  4. The colour of the grout between the tiles is very important. Choose one that will match the colour of tiles and blend in with the rest of the floor.
  5. Choosing a light colour of tile will make a room look lighter and larger.
  6. Picking a bright colour of tile can work in some circumstances though. Again, Bolton Ceramics can tell you your options.
  7. Breakages do occasionally occur, so buy a few more tiles than you actually need in case this happens. That way you know your chosen tile won’t be unavailable just when you’re nearly finished!
  8. Never compromise on quality for cost. There are lots of fabulous tiles available at very reasonable prices.
  9. Check which type of tile you need. Bolton Ceramics will tell you if you ask, but as a general rule, porcelain tiles are best suited to outdoor use and houses where they are stood on a lot. The floor tile wear rating will also tell you if the tile is ok to use for where you’re fitting them.
  10. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask Bolton Ceramics for advice. They are always ready to answer any questions you have 
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