Carrs Pasties Prepares To Export It's Goods To The Rest Of The UK
18th June 2012
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Carrs Pasties have been a Bolton institution for over 70 years. It all started when Nelly Carr, working in her mother's UCP Tripe shop on Haliwell Road, decided to introduce fruit pies and plain cakes. Now, generations on, they are known throughout the North for their sumptuous pasties, and have several celebrity fans across the country, including Chris Evans.

Now, having only sold their goods in Bolton, the company is set to launch a delivery service to every part of the UK, using dry ice.

Tests have been taking place with the dry ice, which allows them to send frozen pasties overnight, and batches have already been sent successfully to Edinburgh, London, Bristol, and even Cornwall, home of the Cornish Pasty.

Tests have proved that there is no detriment to the taste or quality of the pasty having been in transit, a concern to John Carr when I spoke to him last month. He only wanted the pasties sold across the country if everyone could experience the same great taste that the local community of Bolton could.

It seems to have worked though. Bosses at the company sent their first test batch to Chris Evans, who mentioned during his radio show that he had been eating one a day, and enjoying them greatly. That kind of coverage has meant demand has increased so much, a waiting list has had to be put together.

It is a thrilling and exciting time in the development of Carrs Pasties, and it is hoped the service is ready in the coming months.

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