Carrs Pasties help Bolton's GCSE students revise
2nd April 2013
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One of our bestof Bolton members', Carrs Pasties, were on hand to help GCSE students last month.

Bolton’s most popular food was used at an English revision session at Turton High School.

Over 100 students and their parents turned up to the pasties and poetry session. It was a fun event to help the 15 and 16 year olds revise for their upcoming English exams, and to help their mums and dads understand how they could support their child with this. After eating their delicious pasties and a warm drink, the “family learning session" begun. It only lasted an hour, but both generations were taught how to ensure students does a set amount of revision each week, learnt more about the books being studied for the GCSE examinations and how to check for basic literacy in coursework and exams.

Carrs Pasties were brought to the evening by Head of English Alice Lane. As she isn’t from Bolton she didn’t realise how popular Carrs Pasties were. Once she did, she decided to use them, after suggestions from pupils and noticing Bolton’s obsession with them.


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