Carrs Pasties, Bolton, have celebrity fans like Chris Evans, Alan Hansen and Sir Clive Woodward
8th August 2013
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Carrs Pasties may have been voted one of the reasons that makes Bolton such a great place to live, but it isn’t just the residents of Bolton that love Carrs Pasties for their light, delicious filling and mouth-watering pastry, they have celebrity fans as well. This was epitomised at a charity golf day Carrs Pasties organised.

Kevin Keegan took part in the charity golf day that Carrs Pasties organised in 2012. It was all in aid of Help for Heroes. He wasn’t the only celebrity there though (see below) He filmed a video with Joe and Jon Carr, and said: “that’s why I scored all the goals when playing football, because of all the Carrs Pasties I’ve eaten.” He said he had been eating Carrs Pasties for years.

Arsenal and England legend Ian Wright took part in the day too, and said on twitter it was a great day with great pasties.

Other famous folk experiencing the delights of a Carrs Pasty include Sir Clive Woodward, Alan Hansen, Sam Torrance and Jasper Carrot. Former England Cricketer Ronnie Irani follows Carrs Pasties on twitter and proves he is a fan too.

In 2009 Peter Kay was performing in a show in Bolton when he mentioned on the radio that a few pasties would go down nicely. Soon after, Carrs Pasties arrived to feed him and the 200 people in the audience.

Sara Cox got married recently and she had Carrs Pasties for a midnight feast at her reception.

The title of biggest celebrity fan of Carrs Pasties has got to go to Chris Evans though. He was introduced to Carrs at the same golf day. He took to twitter afterwards to express his delight at Carrs Pasties.

But he went even further than that and praised Carrs Pasties in his column for the Daily Mail. Chris even said he’d invest in them if they ever went global. Chris said it was surprising that he had never eaten one before, because he actually lived in Bolton for a few years.

Chris said the pasty smelt “heavenly” and looked “almost varnished, like a perfectly hewed cut of deep, dark wood. It was super smooth and refused to crumble or flake, just a clean break, a little like an after dinner mint.” You can’t get much higher compliments than that.

Chris wants everybody in the country to experience a Carrs Pasty, saying “they’re to die for.” 

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