Carpet VS Wood Laminate, which is Best?
31st May 2017
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Depending upon what is the nature of a space there are a number of choices available to homeowners and other purchasers of carpeting, public houses, office premises, shops, care homes and many more venues in selecting which is best for one’s environment.

Carpeting has certain benefits:

  • It is colourful, with a variety of colours and patterns available,
  • Homely,
  • Plush if required,
  • Warm in Winter,
  • Carpet is generally non slip

There are some potential disadvantages too:

  • Carpets can wear out and fray due to heavy foot fall,
  • Retention of soiling, that could cause wear and tear and contamination over time,
  • Unsuitable for some environments, medical facilities require a surface that can be sterilised easily and maintained relatively germ free,
  • Having a uniform pattern or colour over very large area may be a problem and it could be very expensive,

Whereas, Wood Laminate floor covering has:

  • Harder wearing characteristics,
  • Is easier to clean and using non-slip polishes or permanent varnishes can retain its good looks for many years without further attention,
  • Has the effect of making rooms or entrance halls appear more spacious,
  • Is easier to keep clean, a suction cleaner is all that is needed,

The down side is:

  • More noisy, whereas carpeting allows silent movement a wooden laminated floor can be noisy to walk on,
  • Can be perceived as being slippery to some people,
  • Can look stark and cold if on a large scale,
  • Not to everyone’s taste, because it is less cosy than carpeting.

The choices are many, as are the different carpet and wood laminated flooring options.

We recommend that you have a chat with the friendly people at Central Carpets in Bolton, they are our Local experts and will advise customers about which surface is most appropriate for domestic floor areas and business or commercial users.

If you would like to find out any more information about  Central Carpets and Furniture, give them a call on 01204 528685


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