Car Boot Sale Hints & Tips and Venues For Buyers and Sellers in Bolton
19th June 2012
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We are now well into car boot season and there are plenty in and around Bolton for you to head over to and bag a bargain but remember Car boot sales can vary enormously, and much of your success (or not!) is down to luck.  But you can also improve your chances by planning ahead whether you are a buyer or a seller and doing you research and ask around before you go.

Here are some handy hints and tips for buyers and sellers at car boot sales in Bolton:


  • If its a regular car boot sale, try going as a buyer the week before, it will give you an idea of where the best pitches are and the type of goods sold there i.e is it mainly all new goods, more like a market or are there plenty of ad hoc sellers of their own used goods.
  • Prepare yourself well in advance and pack the car the night before (but only if you have somewhere safe to leave it) and get up and get there early so you caqn be certain of your pick of the pitches.
  • Make sure you double check that the event is actually on in the week of the sale you are attending. Car Boot sales are notorious for being cancelled or changed at the last minute.
  • Think about your pricing in advance. Be clear on those items that you have a fixed price for and know their worth but also have items that you can be flexible with. Remember people come to car boot sales for a bargain and not to buy something they could pick up in any town centre shop for a fixed price. Practice your barter skills and also saying a firm but polite 'no!'
  • Take plenty of change, seasoned car booters will come along with pockets full of change but you always get those who turn up at 6.30am with a £20 and you dont want to lose a sale simply because you didnt have change to give them.
  • Have somewhere safe, preferably a money belt to keep your money safe.
  • Most car boots will have a cafe of some sort but if you dont want to spend all your takings on hot drinks and food, take a flask and a packed lunch.
  • Wrap up well and warm. Unless you have an outside pitch on one of our rare boiling hot days, most of these car boot sales are in old factories and buildings that can be freezing even in the height of summer.

A lot of the same tips apply for being a buyer at a car boot sale as they do a seller so here is a few tips to make sure you get the bargain you have been looking for

  • Wrap up warm
  • Take plenty of change
  • Take carrier bags and wrapping in case you buy anything fragile. Or a parge holdall to avoid carrying lots of bags
  • Get up and get there early as its when the best bargains are.
  • Do not have handbags, credit cards or other valuables with you that may get pick pocketed in the buying frenzy of pushing and shoving that often takes place.
  • Go to the loo before you go and dont drink too much as the toilets are usually horrid and queues huge!
Happy Bargain Hunting!

Car boot sales happening in and around Bolton

Bolton Outdoor Market - Moor Lane Bolton Sundays from 7am. Cost £5

Cawdor Street Indoor Carboot- Cawdor St, Bolton from 6am. Cost £10 Mick

Darcy Lever - Hacken Lane Bolton from 6am. Cost £10  John 07746 140 833

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