Can I resolve my dispute without going to Court?
4th October 2013
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If you are involved in a business dispute it can be time consuming, expensive and stressful.

One alternative to going to court is to try and mediate.

A mediation is a confidential negotiation overseen by an impartial facilitator (the mediator).

The mediator’s role is to bring each party closer together, narrowing the issues of dispute until an agreement can be reached.

The parties are not forced to reach an agreement but if they do it will be legally binding. Courts now actively encourage parties to mediate with 73% of all mediations ending in a resolution of the dispute.

Johnson Law offer a fixed fee mediation service which will cover all time spent on reviewing your case, preparing for the mediation and a full day attendance.

With no hidden surprises in relation to our fees you are left to make a commercial decision as to whether to try and mediate.

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