Where are there flower delivery services in Bolton?
23rd August 2013
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Have you ever forgotten your wedding anniversary? Or maybe you’ve gotten the date wrong for a loved ones birthday and turned up a day late at their house with a present? Well this embarrassing event will never happen again, as long as you use Occasion Flowers reminder service.

Then let Occasion Flowers know who you would like the bouquet delivered to, when you want the flowers delivered and where you want your flowers delivered to and Occasion Flowers will do the rest. They deliver Monday to Saturday between 9am and 5pm. The year after they will phone or email you 7 days before the event to remind you the day is approaching, and suggest some floral arrangements appropriate for the event. You can give flowers as a present year after year, and because there’s so many to choose from, you’ll never give the same gift twice.

Alternatively you can fill in a form on Occasion Flowers website detailing your name, address, telephone number, email address and the dates of the events you want reminding about, and Occasion Flowers will make sure you don’t forget by contacting you via your chosen correspondence method.  

Occasion Flowers will even arrange to have the flowers in your workplace regularly replaced with a fresh bunch or if you have a meeting or event that occurs on a frequent basis, Occasion Flowers will do all the floral arrangements for that too.

Flowers really are an incredibly versatile gift and are suitable for practically any occasion. They can be arranged however you like, in a basket, bouquet, hand tied, as a single plan or in an arrangement. You can give flowers to say well done, happy birthday, I love you, in sympathy, get better soon, happy anniversary or to welcome a new born baby.  

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