Can adults have braces?
16th July 2014
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Synergy Dental have been answering your dental dilemmas part of their regular series #asksynergydental. This month’s question is from N Kearsley who asks:

“I didn’t get braces fitted when I was young. What are my options now as an adult?”

Lots of people have never had braces although a large percentage of these people wish they had braces when they were younger, because braces weren’t offered when they were a child or they chose not to have braces for some reason. 

The fear of negative comments from friends could have stopped people getting braces. Or perhaps they weren’t given retainers after a permanent brace had finished or didn’t visit the dentist often enough. All these will mean people aren’t happy with their teeth as an adult.

It’s never too late to get braces. The traditional metal braces are an option, although they are expensive and aren’t very attractive! Therefore you can have short term orthodontics with less visible, short term braces and these suit all ages.

The Inman Aligner can correct the top and bottom front 6 teeth. This is easily removed and uses a push and pull mechanism on the aligner so that the alignment of the teeth will be corrected.

The 6 month smile can straighten teeth in 6 months. It works by using brackets the colour of teeth and wires to correct teeth. You can’t see it unless you’re standing closer than 2 feet away and despite its name, usually straightens teeth in less than 6 months. Another great feature of this is it won’t affect your usual lifestyle.

Smileligin is clear, invisible and removable aligners. It is practically invisible and works by making small changes to enable you to get a straight smile. This treatment begins with a fitting so you know that everything fits correctly. The aligner will altered in tiny steps every 2 to 4 weeks.

If you have a dental dilemma call Synergy Dental on 01204 684037 or use the #asksynergydental on twitter. 

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