Campcraft, Bolton have camping equipment, camping tents and more
6th August 2013
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We’re well and truly into camping season now, so if you haven’t already, why not pick up a tent for the event from Campcraft, Bolton.

Prices for tents start at just £65.00 and come in a choice of colours and sizes. If you’re not sure which is right for you, Campcraft’s staff will be happy to advise you.

There’s no need to worry if you think your tent isn’t large enough either. Campcraft stock the special Vango range that have extension carpets and footbridges, to make your stay even more comfortable.

Campcraft have all the accessories you could possibly need whilst camping too. If fact, you might even need another tent to put them all in (well maybe!) Campcraft’s tents are only the very highest quality, but if you do notice a small hole or tear whilst you’re away, then if you’ve bought a repair kit from Campcraft before you go there’s no need to panic.

Campcraft stock air beds and sleeping bags so you’ve got a choice of sleeping arrangements.

It truly is a lovely feeling, sitting in the open air, eating and drinking warm food, possibly over a campfire. Campcraft have a massive range of gas cartridges, stoves and cookware, water bottles and cooking sets, so you can enjoy that experience too.

On those chilly nights warm your hands up with Campcraft’s hand warmers, from only £1. And to save you searching around from them in the dark, then purchase a torch from Campcraft too.

Their handy location in the middle of town means there’s no excuse for not popping in and saying their remarkable selection of products. 

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