Campaign Is Launched To Keep Young People In Bolton Safe During The Summer School Holidays
7th August 2012
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Often, an unfortunate by-product of the Summer holidays is boredom. And in some cases, that can lead to trouble, violence, and anti-social behaviour as young people look to any means necessary in an effort to relieve said boredom. Bolton police are looking to make sure this isn't an issue.

They have launched their Safe 4 Summer campaign, which aims to reduce anti-social behaviour during the Summer holidays. Dedicated anti-social behaviour police patrols have been assembled, as well as a programme of extra activities designed to keep the youth of Bolton entertained and off the streets. The idea being that if they are kept busy, they won't have time to cause trouble. Good in theory, but how will it work in practice?

There has been a lot of involvement with local schools, before they dispersed for the holidays, in order to educate young people, and make it known that, as well as preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, it is also to keep them safe so that they do not become a victim themselves.

Police will have dedicated anti-social patrols on Friday and Saturday nights across Bolton, including the town centre where underage drinkers and party-goers could cause a problem. On this subject, they will also be carrying out test purchases where young volunteers attempt to buy alcohol from off licences and pubs, and also proxy sales, where adults buy drinks on behalf of under-18s).

There has been cooperation with local Mosques, to ensure people at late night prayers during the month of Ramadan and young people out on the streets do not disturb residents following some complaints in Deane last year.

Street surgeries will also be carried out by officers, with them doing door-to-door calls to ask residents what they think the issues are in their local areas, and how best to resolves these.

For more information, a website has been launched, where links can be found to all the available activities.

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