Cake Delight Turn Super Heroes To Rescue A Damsel In Distress & A Ruined Wedding
19th November 2012
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Imagine the following scenario, if you will: It's the morning of your sister-in-law's wedding, and you're on you way up from London to Bolton with the wedding cake of her dreams. You arrive only to discover that said cake has tumbled off your back seat and is now lying on a heap, ruined, on the floor.

Nightmare of a situation, right? This is the predicament one lady found herself in on Saturday. What would you have done? Well, this lady did the most sensible thing possible, and made her way to Cake Delight.

Based in Bolton, Cake Delight is a family run business that designs and creates amazing cakes and cupcakes, from simple and colourful children's designs to elaborate wedding cakes. Distraught and in tears, she explained what had happened, and how she believed she had ruined the whole day.

The time was 11am, and the wedding started at 1pm. Two hours. Having assessed the original cake, it was soon determined that the damage was far too extensive, and it could not be saved. And creating a whole new weddign cake in that time frame is impossible for anyone.

But that doesn't mean Emma and Michelle were about to concede defeat. They worked tirelessly for the next 90 minutes and created a fresh batch of wedding cupcakes in the chosen colours of the day. 48 hand-decorated, sumptuous and stylish cupcakes in 90 minutes. When the lady in question arrived to pick them up, she was once again in tears, this time tears of delight, thrilled with the result.

So, Cake Delight stepped in and saved the day with last-minute, personalised cupcakes that were a huge hit. And all in 90 minutes. Just imagine what they could do for you.

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