Buying a used car? Make sure you're aware of the new tax rules
17th April 2015
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Buying a used car? Then be aware of the current scandal that is happening locally and across the Country right now.

Back in October 2014 the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the government agency responsible for the tax disc, scrapped the old tax disc. Since then over 8000 people across the Country have had their cars wheel clamped, because their cars were not taxed, the release costing them a great deal of money i.e. up to £800 each, and there is no right of appeal.

The way it works is this. When buying a used car, or any car that has been previously owned, privately, through a garage, or used car dealer, whatever, the seller can cancel the tax disk that was previously purchased and stuck on the windscreen and claim the money balance back.

The unwitting motorist then takes delivery thinking that the car is taxed, because there is no visible proof as there used to be, and the vehicle is then identified through roadside checks as being untaxed, along come the wheel clampers and your car is clamped.

Having a car clamped has never been a nice experience and is a major inconvenience, but at a release cost running into hundreds of pounds this could cause massive effects on the victim; emotional, financial, delay – waiting for release, panic over children left waiting for their lift home, and actual danger having to wait in an immobilised car – possibly at night or in unpleasant places.

It is questionable whether the Governments Agency (DVLA) is legally entitled to imprison people, not to mention demanding money with menaces, and we look forward with interest to the undoubted cases appearing in the Civil Courts brought by people demanding compensation due to this high handed and brutish behaviour, highway robbery comes to mind.

Meanwhile, folks, take great care. If you buy a used car privately or through a commercial seller make certain that it is taxed before driving it home. If in any doubt, ask the seller! 

If you need any more advice on the new tax disk changes which are happening, speak to Crompton Way Motors on 01204 684043 or Fish Motors 01204 684053, they would be more than happy to help.

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