Businesses Save Money And Save The World! Audio and Video Conferencing From Digicomm BCS Bolton
12th April 2012
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The cost of travel is increasing daily! If it'ÂÂs not the cost of fuel, it'ÂÂs Airport Taxes or Rail fares but by whatever measure you care to use, the fact is the cost in hard currency to travel from A to B wherever they may be is sky rocketing.

So why? You may ask are so many business people insisting on crisscrossing the UK and Europe several times a week in order to conduct meetings face to face when accessibility to cost effective Video Conferencing is so readily available.

The fact is, forward thinking  businesses, constantly under pressure to reduce costs and expenses as well as minimising their carbon footprint, are increasingly turning to Audio and Video Conferencing , where solutions are available that not only bring real time experiences to the boardroom but also to conference rooms, executives offices and home/remote workers.

In today's economic climate where resources are limited, if a face to face meeting isn'ÂÂt critical but phone calls, emails, faxes or snail mail are just not good enough, Digicomm BCS in Bolton have solutions for most situations and the cost isn'ÂÂt as preclusive as you might think.

With terms like Telepresence, Video Conferencing, Multipoint Bridging and webcasting you may be forgiven for thinking this is a world away from technology you could employ in your business but you'ÂÂd be wrong. The team at Digicomm BCS will talk you through the jargon, explaining in simple but explicit detail the benefits this technology can bring, designing the optimum system and best cost options for your business.

The bottom line is, if you'ÂÂre in business and are spending too much time on the road, in the air or on a train and feeling the rising costs on your P&L Account, you need to do something. So contact Digicomm BCS, save yourself a heap of money, reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit towards saving the world!



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