Bullies on the road
7th August 2009
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How do you feel when the driver behind you drives as if they are attached to your bumper? It’s my biggest driving irritation and I see it as bullying.

These drivers don't even think about anyone but themselves. Selfish and ignorant they drive around the roads thinking that their journey is more important than anyone else's. I used to slow down even more if a driver got to close. Have you ever been behind someone who does this? Now you know why. You are bullying the driver in front. More often these days I pull over and let them pass, I mean, who wants an idiot like that driving behind them? And no, I'm not a 20 mile an hour driver holding up all the traffic.

Why is it drivers think they have to drive everywhere at 50 miles an hour anyway even in built up areas. I've lost count of the times I have dodged speeding cars when crossing the road outside my home. There are children in residential areas, and like the adverts say, its 30 for a reason. Think when you are driving in residential areas, don't wait till you've killed someone before you slow down. If you want to drive at speed, go to Silverstone.


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