Budget Blinds Introduces Great New Product - Duo Roller Blinds
13th June 2012
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Summer is here (though, looking out of the window, you wouldn't think so), and it is the perfect opportunity to treat any windows you have with a new pair of blinds. Blinds are versatile, and come in many shapes, designs and colours to allow you complete control.

However, sometimes, just one design isn't enough. Budget Blinds, a local business, have got the perfect soltuion to this dilemma - duo roller blinds.

Duo roller blinds offer a stunning alternative to both conventional roller blinds, voile and curtains, by combining all elements within the one product. The unique double layer of fabric allows the blind much greater versatility than that of a standard blind.

In the open position, the fabric allows a view through the blinds, much like that of a voile or net curtain. But, when set in the closed position, they give the privacy of a standard roller blind.

These are perfect for the (hopefully) coming sunshine of Summer, but also in the darker nights of winter, and are a stylish and cost-effective method of transforming your home.

Budget Blinds offer this fantastic new product range and so much more. 

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