Bromleys Independent Funeral Services Offer Some Advice On Losing A Loved One During The Festive Period
29th November 2012
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There is no right time to lose somebody in the family. The death of a loved one is devestating no matter when it happens. But if it happens at Christmas, the emotion and grief can often be intensified, and the joy of the festive period forgotten.

Grief manifests itself in lots of different ways, just as people deal with death with unique methods. The important thing to know is that, like any other time of year, there are things that can be done to help the process. Below are some bits of advice that could make all the difference.

1) Take care of yourself. Take time to mourn, as this is necessary for moving on. But also make sure you take the time to eat properly, to sleep, to exercise, and to spend time with other loved ones. It's important to not isolate yourself, as people will want to help. Let them.

2) There is a lot of emotion around during this time of year, so be prepared for any feeling of grief and anger to be magnified. It will also be a rollercoaster ride, with the anticipation fo a great Christmas completely turned upside down by the loss of a loved one. It's therefore important to embrace these feelings, but be prepared to talk about them. Ask for help, don't try to do things alone.

3) Consider what will activities will be too painful, and which may be cathartic. Hosting Christmas dinner for the whole family might be too much without deceased loved one, but it may also help to retain a sense of narmality whilst reminded you and the family of all the good times.

4) Don't try to forget about the hurt or the loved one. Instead, celebrate their life and enjoy the holidays as they would want you to. Don't over-complicate things by trying to throw the best holiday ever, do what you can.

5) Enjoy whatever you can during the holiday season. There is no harm or disrespect in celebrating. Your loved one would want you to find comfort where and when it comes.

If you'd like more tips about the lose of a loved one, at Christmas or any other time of the year, Bromleys Independent Funeral Services will be there for you. They can also arrange the funeral and other arrangements to try and ease some of the pressure on you at such a difficult time.

Bromleys Independent Funeral Services taking care of all your funeral requirements in Bolton and throughout the Northwest. As one of the areas only independent funeral directors, they pride themselves on attention to detail and making sure the needs and wishes of you and your loved one are met.

For more information, give them a call on (01204) 302002 or visit their feature page here.

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