Bromleys Independent Funeral Care in Bolton are now stocking traditional, colourful and crazy coffins
14th March 2013
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Our funeral. It’s something that all of us will have, but rarely like to talk about. When a loved one passes away it is understandably one of the most upsetting things that could happen to a person, and is one of the major events to happen in anybody’s life.

It’s not the easiest thing to think about, but even in death, we may want to reflect our personality. If this sounds like something you might want to do, or a family member or friend is considering, then consider a Crazy Coffin or Colourful Coffin. This sombre occasion can be made lighter by an individually designed, beautiful and personal colourful coffin. Designs used in the past include daffodils and fairies, but Bromleys are sensitive to your needs and can arrange for any design of your choosing to be added. It is sure to raise a smile if your dearly departed loved one was still around to see it.

It can be a celebration of your loved ones life, why not have a picture of their favourite holiday destination or much loved pet? Every design is unique to the client.

For something even more zany and upbeat, you should possibly consider a crazy coffin. These are created to come in all shapes and sizes. A digger shaped coffin would suit a late builder whilst a boat could cater to a fisherman’s family. It may sound morbid but planning what you want now can help to reduce stress and upset when the time comes.

Environmentally friendly funerals are becoming more and more popular and Crazy Coffins will plant a tree to offshoot any greenhouse gases omitted from a cremation.

Bromleys Independent Funeral Services offer Crazy Coffins and Colourful Coffins for their clients. All you need to do is tell them your ideas and plans and they’ll do the rest. Prices are similar to a “traditional” coffin.

Bromleys are also offering an affordable choice funeral for £995. As well as a colourful or crazy coffin, the package will contain shelter and accommodation of the deceased in their private chapel of rest, funeral director, chauffeur and hearse, a fully dressed coffin complete with inscribed nameplate and gold effect furnishings, professional pall bearers and cremation fees.

If you want to discuss your options in more detail, contact the caring and respectful team at Bromleys on 01204 302002 or visit the Crazy Coffins or Colourful Coffins website.

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