Bring out the BBQ it’s May!!
5th May 2015
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Now that May is here, and we've been having some good weather, it is time to dust off the BBQ.

So, you've brought out the BBQ but more importantly? what to cook?

Many of us happily stick to simple fare, bangers and burgers. More adventurous folk like to cook something new, some turning the humble BBQ into a home roast banquette. I have heard people say that they have gone off BBQ’s and that is because they have become bored with the same old same old and have not tried something new.

We recommend a variety of food for your BBQ, both vegetarian and meat based. Vegetarian alternatives in simple terms mean roasting vegetables, if you haven’t tried roast tomatoes, peppers etc., you haven’t lived, and of course you don’t need to be a veggie to do that. I guess, on that note, we have all enjoyed a roasted jacket potato, so why not adopt roast vegetables in your BBQ? (A jacket potato cooked in foil on the BBQ is fab!)

Barrons Of Beef will advise you about the best things to cook, and they even offer special readymade kebab style combinations and some times of pre-marinated meat products to save you the bother, and some create very exciting choices of tasty BBQ items.

Not only that, they can also advise on cooking the products that they sell too. You can cook anything from steaks to chops, beef, lamb or pork (even venison), different types of sausage can be cooked, and in fact there is an endless list of options – not forgetting chicken products of course.

To enhance your BBQ a green salad or tomato salad is good, healthy too. People eating outdoors often have a heightened appetite and if you have teenaged ‘fridge raiders’ in the family you may need to plan to feed a small army.

On a cautionary note, BBQ’s are great, but do make sure that whatever you cook is properly cooked through, it is not unusual for food to be under cooked on BBQ’s due to cold weather or haste in feeding the masses. If you are not sure that it is fully cooked don’t serve it, cook it a bit longer.

Finally, enjoy your BBQ, and if you need any help or advice on picking the best meat for your BBQ, Barrons Of Beef are experts!

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