Breaking news: Feed-in Tariffs on solar panels to be cut to 16p on 1st August. Get your solar panels installed now to beat the price cut.
25th May 2012
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BHE Services based in Bolton have been working in renewable energy for several years now and wanted to bring to you the latest update around the 'Feed in Tariffs' just announced by Greg Barker.

FiT will now only be for 20 years - but export rates increased.

Greg Barker has just made a statement about the FiT cuts in Parliament. 

Here is a summary of the changes, that will take effect from 1st August:


  • The FiT rate for systems under 4kW will be cut to 16p from the 1st August
  • The rate for larger systems will also be cut, but by a smaller amount. The new bands are: 
  • 14.5p for 4 to 10kW 
  • 13.5p for 10 to 50kW
  • 11.5 for 50 to 150kW
  • The FiT will now only be payable for 20 years - not 25 years
  • There will be a cut in FiT rates every three months, and the depth of the cut will depend on the number of installations in the previous three months. For the 0-10kW tariff bands, there will be NO CUT if deployment is less than 100MW. If it is between 100 and 200MW, there will be a 3.5% cut; if between 200 and 250MW the cut will be 7%; between 250 and 300MW the cut will be 14%, and if over 300MW is installed the cut will be 28%.
  • The export tariff will be increased to 4.5p
  • They've backtracked to some extent on the cuts to FiTs for multiple installations - they will now be at 90% of the usual rate, rather than the current rate of 80%


The link with RPI will be maintained.

If you are thinking of getting solar panels to do so before 1st August in order to take advantage of the feed-in tariff of 16 pence.

For more information about solar panels, please visit BHE RENEWABLES


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