Boltons One Big Weekend, Leverhulme Park Bolton. One Week To Go!
9th September 2010
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Boltons One Big Weekend 2010. Leverhulme Park Bolton. Hosted by Northwest Funfairs and Sponsored by Metro Salvage. A great day out for all the family.

One week to go, one week to go la la la la la. I am really looking forward to this fantastic event and with only one week to go until its officially opened, the big countdown to events has begun.

Are you gonna be there? If you live in Bolton, like Bolton, know someone who lives in Bolton, know how to spell Bolton..... anything about Bolton, then you need to be there as this weekend NEEDS YOU! 

its so great to have these local events put on for us and as a town we really need to get out there and support them, enjoy the entertainment but most of all have a great deal of fun. Now that will make it all worth while.

David and I met the other day with Henry Hill, organiser of this event and he really is a great guy, got a cheeky twinkle in his eye but has invested a lot of time, money and energy into pulling this off and I want to give him a blogging pat on the back for being bold enough to do something like this for the Bolton residents.

Aside from all the things I listed in my previous blog and you will have to click on the link below to read that one

Bolton's One Big Weekend Blog

there is also going to be a fabulous talent show 'Bolton s Got Talent' hosted by tower FM

Boltons Got Talent with Tower FM

Taking place on Sunday 19th September all day, Tower FM are looking for Boltons biggest star.

Boltons One Big Weekend 

Thursday 16th September  5pm-9pm Opening by Amir Khan and Funfair

Friday 17th September 5pm-9pm

Saturday 18th September 12midday-9.30pm

Sunday 19th September 12midday-7pm

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