Bolton yoga teacher sets up scheme to help home workers
16th June 2020
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THE change in the business landscape post-lockdown will include many more people working from home instead of going into an office each day.

As a result, yoga and fitness teacher Sharon Bailey is launching a new scheme to help towards employees’ wellbeing and general health for those at home.

Sharon ran her own successful Bolton-based business Primecover Insurance before selling it in 2017. She then started a new business Get Up and Keep Going last year.

She had been a yoga teacher for 20 years and wanted to share her skills with stressed business people and anyone who wanted to improve their life.

Apart from holding regular classes around the area, she also runs yoga breaks in Yorkshire and the Lake District. During lockdown, she has delivered classes successfully online and intends to keep these going.

“But I also realised that many more people would now be working from home long-term,” she explained. “And that means it’s very easy to let your health be affected by bad posture, headaches and sitting in front of a screen for too long.

“You also don’t have caring colleagues around you who see you every day and who would know if you weren’t well, physically or mentally. It’s also easy to just work away at home, with shoulders hunched and no real exercise breaks.”

Sharon has already worked with companies, going into the workplace to take yoga and de-stressing lunchtime sessions, and works one-to-one with businessmen and women.

Now, she is currently offering her wellbeing services – either in person with social distancing or online – to companies who now have more people home-working.

“It’s really important to look after the health of your staff and I think more employers do this today,” added Sharon. “Working from home is great and can certainly improve individual quality of life but people can also quickly become quite isolated.”

“Making time for a regular de-stressing session and perhaps a chat about someone’s wellbeing can make all the difference. It also helps performance and productivity levels as they return to work refreshed and feeling better.”

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