Bolton Tuition Centre-working with your child to support their time at school
20th March 2013
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Bolton’s tutoring specialists Bolton Tuition Centre recognise how important it is for children to get school life right, especially in the run up to exams or important coursework deadlines. This is why they are offering a free assessment for secondary or primary aged children.

This assessment will test a child’s English and Maths skills so a suitable programme can be created to suit their ability level.

All the assessments are obligation free and conducted by a fully qualified teacher. Every child is assessed individually and not as part of a group.

The results of the assessment are kept private between the parent and tutor and they will outline any issues that have been brought up during the assessment.

By working with a child to improve their performance in school their future prospects will look a lot brighter. Most employees ask for a minimum of 5 A* to C GCSE grades before they take on an apprentice or school leaver.

If you understand your child’s learning style you can help a child to learn effectively. There are three man types of learning style, auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. Once Bolton Tuition Centre has identified which your child is, you can work with them to improve how they learn.

Another barrier to learning is dyslexia, and parents can work with their child to support them if they have this condition. By giving a child extra support and working with the Bolton Tuition Centre tutor to identify the areas they struggle with, you will see them improve in all areas of their written, spoken and reading work.

When a child moves up to high school it can be a scary time. New teachers, new classrooms, new subjects and a bigger school to contend with is a big step for any 11 year old. But there are ways a parent can help. Do some research into the school and imagine how a child is feeling. Think back to your first day at high school so you can understand the emotions they’re going through. Be patient with your child if they are uncooperative or acting out of character, it could be their way of settling in. They might act out instead of talking about their feelings. But most of all, be organised as a family. Pack any books or lunch boxes the day before and set out all the uniform the night before as well. Bolton Tuition Centre can advise on the difficult period in a child’s life.  

To arrange for the free assessment or for more information on how to support your child whilst they are at school, ring them on 01204 684450. Bolton Tuition Centre will conduct the assessment at a time that suits the child.



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