Bolton Tuition Centre can help take the panic away from children's exams.
9th May 2013
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Bolton Tuition Centre know that for many GCSE, A Level and University students, the month of May only means one thing, exams! Lots of young people worry and get stressed about getting the right grade, which is understandable, but parents can help relieve some of the pressure.

Bolton Tuition Centre work with the child so they are as prepared as possible for their exams, and try and counteract the negative thoughts they are having.

Signs to spot if your child is suffering from exam stress are insomnia, not wanting to go to school, change in eating habits and spending lots of time alone in their bedroom.

Primary school children can also become anxious about SATS, and as they’re still developing they are vulnerable and have little control over their worries. They are aware of how they perform in relation to other children their age and of what their parents think of them. Again, ways to tell if they’re suffering with exam tension include bedwetting, not wanting to see their friends and go to school and not eating.

Here are some ways you can help keep your child calm and relieve some of their worries.

  • Don’t put any pressure on your child, because if they think you’re expecting them to get the best grades, they will feel as if they’ve failed you.
  • Ensure a child gets regular breaks when revising, and eat light snacks, go out of the house for trips and exercise.
  • Talk to your child about their concerns and be supportive. Bolton Tuition Centre regularly do this in their tutoring sessions.
  • Give your child time and space to revise, and if their mood is low or they become slack on doing jobs around the house, then be understanding and relaxed about it.
  • If your child wants to revise at what you consider odd times, let them if it works best for their schedule
  • Always try and ensure your child gets enough sleep so they keep their energy levels up during the day
  • Keep exams in perspective, be positive and remind your child that even if they don’t do as well as expected, they can always resit them.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your child’s school to find out what the teachers expectations are. Bolton Tuition Centre are happy to talk to parents about a child’s progress.
  • Tell your child to do their best, and no matter what happens, they’re still proud of them.

Some children might benefit from relaxation CD’s and downloads. These breathing techniques, visualisation exercises and relaxation methods have helped many frazzled youngsters in the past keep calm. The adrenaline rush that comes with nervousness can be channelled into a positive thing to help with anxiety.

Bolton Tuition Centre offer private tutoring to children aged between 6 and 16. They teach all levels, from SATS up to GCSE Level. Give them a ring on 01204 684450 to find out how they’ll assist your child. 

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