Bolton Tip Gets A Great New Makeover As A Waste Recycling Centre
19th October 2010
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Ok a strange thing to be blogging about but I have a thing or two to say about the Bolton Tip at Raikes Lane or as it is now known 'The Greater Manchester Waste Recycling Centre'. Going to the tip has always been a bit of a regular outing in our house, we always seem to have so much 'stuff' to throw away and the old set up in Bolton was dirty, smelly and appeared disorganised with tokenistic recycling taking place.

Well having visited the new site I have to say I am very impressed with our towns facilities. The new site is just around the corner from the old long-standing tip and I have to say, the council could do with a better re directional sign as there is a poor man having to turn cars around and redirect them. lets hope they get this bit sorted before boxing day! The new site is clean and bright and very clearly signposted with over 27 different types of recycling containers which really makes sorting your rubbish into recycling much easier.

The site is joinly run by GMWDA and Viridor Laing and they have joint aims to reduce rubbish being dumped in local landfill by 75% by 2015 and to increase recycling by up to 50%. 

OK this now brings me onto my next point. Recycling at home! This is supposed to be easy for us but hands up those of you across Bolton who are 100% clear on what to put in our Burgundy Coloured Bins or little green boxes (mine blew away down the road on a windy day) I certainly am not clear and once I even had a sticker put on my bin stating they could not empty it as there were items that were not for recycling in the bin.

So I have found a great little site Recycle for Greater Manchester which local to Bolton where you can check out what we should and shouldn't be putting in our bins. 

Check out this link where our very own Bolton's Dave Spikey is taking recycling very seriously. 

For more information about recycling in Bolton

Contact 01204 336632 or


And my final word is..if you haven't been to the new Bolton Tip then dig out some household waste and go along and recycle!

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