Bolton Therapy Centre show how acupuncture can ease the symptoms of IBS.
22nd April 2013
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One of the many benefits of acupuncture is alleviating the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Bolton Therapy Centre  are specialists in acupuncture treatments to treat all kinds of illnesses like IBS.  

Acupuncture can relieve stress, one of the main causes of IBS as well as reduce pain, bloating and nausea. By treating the underlying cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms, acupuncture can provide longer term relief for sufferers

IBS affects up to 20% of people in the UK at any one time. Although more women seek help for the condition, it is thought that 12 million people of both genders suffer at some point in their levels. The most common age group to suffer with IBS is 15-40 year olds.

Many people don’t seek help despite their discomfort because they feel embarrassed by the symptoms. These include recurring pain in the abdomen, feeling sick, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and swelling. There is no known cause so many people go undiagnosed or don’t know how to manage their symptoms.  

Acupuncture to treat IBS and other bowel problems have been researched, refined and developed in China for decades, so the acupuncture experts there know how emotional stress and physical factors can result in the symptoms of IBS. This often causes the stagnation of the body’s vital energy, which the Chinese call QI.

Karen Willcock, who owns Bolton Therapy Centre, said:” I’ve seen many patients who have struggled to get a diagnosis for IBS and so look to Traditional Chinese Medicine to help.  Many of them who have suffered with IBS for years have found acupuncture to be a great relief.

Acupuncture works by reducing pain, regulating the movement of muscles and reducing stress and anxiety levels. It regulates the flow of QI to restore normal bowel function so your body can digest food properly again and get rid of waste products.

Acupuncturists can also provide advice on how to look after your body and provide diet advice to improve digestion.


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