Bolton Therapy Centre mark Work Out at Work Day 2013
8th July 2013
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Bolton Therapy Centre  showed staff at CLB Coopers based on Chorley New Road in Bolton how simple small changes can lead to a fitter and healthier lifestyle by taking part in the third Workout at Work Day (W@WD) on 12 June 2013.

Thousands of workers nationwide took part in the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s initiative, which aims to encourage employees to avoid poor work habits and take more exercise. The day also highlights to employers the benefits of having a fitter and healthier workforce.

Physiotherapists from Bolton Therapy Centre showed staff how to sit correctly to banish poor posture, and how to incorporate simple stretches into the working day to avoid back and neck pain, common in employees who sit all day at computer screens.

Mark Worsley, Managing Partner  at CLB Coopers in Bolton, said: “W@WD is a great way for us to encourage our staff to improve their health and take more exercise.”

Chartered physiotherapist Karen Willcock said:

“We know that healthy employees are more productive, have higher morale and are less likely to take time off sick. That helps CLB Coopers be more profitable and save money from unnecessary sickness absence.”

On W@WD, physiotherapy staff recommend the following low or no cost ideas to employers:

• encourage staff to take breaks and get active

• ensure staff receive appropriate work station assessments and advice on carrying out their job safely

• create a work culture which supports a healthy work-life balance

• provide a staff notice-board where healthy eating and exercise information can be displayed

• encourage staff to report any physical problems early when they are easier to treat

• encourage participation in physical activity and sports

• provide flexible working if you can.


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