Bolton Residents Are Being Urged To Plan Ahead and Stay Safe This Christmas
8th December 2010
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Bolton residents are being urged to plan ahead and stay safe over the festive period in Bolton this year.

Operation Sherry is in place where police officers will be taking the hard line and cracking down on criminal activity both during the day and the evening throughout the town.

Bolton Council are also asking you to plan ahead for whatever you are doing in the town and by taking some simple safety precautions, can make sure you and your party have a great time.

Some simple ways to keep safe over the festive period


  • If you are using public transport, plan ahead, check timetables and make sure you are not left stranded
  • If you are bringing your car into town, make sure you know where to park and that you will be safe when you return back to your car at the end of the night
  • When using taxi's always make sure you use a reputable firm and book ahead making sure you arrange to be collected in a well lit, public area. Egerton Cars who are recommended on thebestofbolton make a great choice in making sure you get home safely with a company who know how to satisfy its customers.
  • Always stay with your group and if there is any trouble in town, walk away and dont get involved
Finally GMP as part of Operation Sherry are urging you to pace yourself with any alcoholic drinks throughout the night and will be handing out bottled water to really encourage people not to drink excessively.

GMP are taking a hard line with criminals this festive period in Bolton, during the day they will be clamping down on pickpocketing and shoplifting and during the evening keeping a close eye on the towns revellers.

GNP will be trialling head cams throughout the festive period as a way of deterring crime and gathering evidence.

Drink aware have some great hints and tips on how to enjoy alcohol safely this Christmas

And Finally...for those designated drivers or if you are having a house party where you know people will be driving, have a go at this fantastic non alcoholic pink punch with sherbet....yummy!

To make the Pink Punch, you will need:

1 Quart of Ginger Ale
½ Quart of softened lemon sherbet
½ Quart of cranberry juice cocktail
2 Cups of canned pineapple juice

First place large scoops of the softened lemon sherbet into the punch bowl. Once you have scooped them in, add the cranberry and pineapple juice and mix a little before adding the remainder of the Ginger ale. The beverage is ready to serve right away.



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