Bolton Pasty Maker Carrs Pasties goes for double.
6th March 2015
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Carrs Pasties of Bolton, headed by Matt Carr, is a family business that is growing rapidly. Established since 1938 by Grand Father Joe Carr the company now employs 49 people and has a turnover of £2.4million. Matt, one of three brothers who run the business, has said that they plan to “double all aspects of the business by the end of 2017 giving them a planned for £5million turnover.”

Mr Carr who spoke at the ‘Insiders Invest in Bolton’ breakfast in January said that Bolton is leading the economic recovery. “We plan to sell one pasty for every Boltonian per month,” Bolton has a population of 140,000 and the firm sells 1.5million pasties per year, so they are not far off that target. That is a lot of very tasty pasties!

Mr Carr said, “We know that most of our income comes from within Bolton so it’s in our DNA. Carrs Pasties is a trusted brand and we believe we can build on our reputation to grow the business and employ even more people.”

The family concern employs Brothers Liam and Joe, and father John. They are confident that the resurgence of Bolton is creating a feel good factor all round. New build businesses in Bolton and at Logistics North, close by the M61, is impressive and heartening. The Bolton Town area is looking good. “We make a significant contribution to the Greater Manchester economy and the Northern Powerhouse can only be a good thing for Bolton,” said Mr Carr.

So next time you are in town and you fancy a bite to eat pop into Carrs and buy a pasty, they are local, they are tasty and you are part of a great Bolton success story.



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