Bolton Markets are one of the best in the country
3rd June 2014
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A huge pat on the back must go to everyone at Bolton Markets, as they’ve been declared one of the best markets in the UK by experts.

The National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) hailed Bolton Markets during a visit to the market as part of the Love Your Local Market festival.

The NABMA said it was a very modern and forward thinking market, because of its many fabulous features, including the free complimentary Wi-Fi, food court and the fact you can pay by debit card at many of the stalls. They said it shows how it meets modern needs, even though it is one of the oldest in the country, because it opened in the 30’s. It has grown tremendously since then and since its refurbishment was completed earlier this year, it’s more popular than ever.

Many of our members are based in the market too. Ooh That’s Lovely, Nkono, The Coffee Grind, Cake and Decorate and Linda’s Tarts all have stalls here.

Call Bolton Markets on 01204 684563 to find out more about them. 

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