Bolton Market Set To Reward Loyal Local Customers With A Loyalty Card
25th September 2012
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It's a difficult World out there at the moment when it comes to finance, as I am sure you have read and heard many times. But it's great to hear that Bolton Market is offering it's shoppers a loyalty card to reward the local people, those that still continue to use what is a fantastic asset for the town.

In the current economic climate, businesses have to find innovative ways to attract new customers, and this can sometimes lead to them forgetting about and alienating their existing clientele. However, with Bolton Market's loyalty card, both new and existing customers will be rewarded and their loyalty acknowledged.

How To Get A Bolton Market Loyalty card?

You can get a loyalty card from the Customer Service office at the Market. Each card costs £2 but once registered online with sQuid, £2 will be added overnight to the Bolton Market purse for you to collect the next time you visit.

Registering your card with sQuid is so simple. Just visit the webpage and away you go.  Just enter a few personal details and you can:

  • View your Bolton Market Loyalty balance online 
  • Check your Bolton Market Loyalty transactions online 
  • Protect your balance 

Once you have at least £5 on your loyalty purse... can then use your loyalty purse to pay for items at participating stall holders. Just let them know that you would like to pay using your loyalty card and make sure you have at least £5 on your card loyalty balance.

Alot more information on the Bolton Market Loyalty Card can be found on the specially dedicated website, found here. 

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