Bolton Lads and Girls Club Sharing Some Great Success Stories
6th July 2011
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Bolton Lads and Girls Club Sharing Some Great News



I just wanted to update you on a couple of interesting stories here at Bolton Lads & Girls Club…

Firstly, the National Citizen Service.  On Monday 45 school leavers embarked on their NCS experience with the Club, heading off to the lakes for a week long programme of challenging activity, before heading back to Bolton for a 2nd residential week of team building and problem solving and learning about their community, Bolton.

Following this they will design a Social Action project and then undertake at least 30 hours volunteering to help within the town.  This is the first group to head off, next week sees a further 60 youngsters head off to the lakes.  In total 270 young people will take part over the summer.  Being one of only 12 organisations across the country delivering the NCS programme, media attention is high, and as a result we are pleased to welcome the BBCs The One Show who are following a small group o9f youngsters through our whole project.


Secondly, I am delighted, thrilled and so excited to share with you the fantastic news from the Special Olympics in Athens.  A number of young people with varying abilities, from the Club, have been taking part if the Special Olympics in Athens, representing Great Britain.  

Our very own Hazel Johnson won the badminton ladies singles final 2-0 against Qurat Ul Ain from Pakistan to win a Gold Medal.  The Unified Football team lost in the final 4-1 against San Marino to win and bring home the Silver Medal.  We are all extremely proud of these youngsters from Bolton !!!


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