Bolton Independent Funeral Directors Bromleys Advise What To Do With Dead Relatives Ashes
15th September 2011
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A recent study by a local funeral directors with several funeral homes in and around the Bolton area revealed that many people are so unsure what they should do with dead relatives ashes, they simply do nothing!

30 percent of those surveyed admitted to keeping the ashes of loved ones on the mantelpiece at home, while a further 20 percent kept them in the bedroom.

The reason for keeping the ashes appears to be confusion around the rules as to where they can be scattered.

The most popular place to scatter loved ones ashes is their favourite beauty spot or holiday destination, while others request they be kept in their local pub and some opt to carry them around with them at all times.

Places where ashes may be scattered include land owned by The Woodland Trust, who only ask that families do not hold formal ceremonies or disturb the ground. Lake Windermere also allow the scattering of ashes but ask that urns or caskets are not thrown into the water as if floating they may cause concern to members of the public.

If you are confused or unsure what to do with ashes of friends, relatives or loved ones, contact your local funeral director who will help steer you through the maze of rules and regulations.

Bolton independent Funeral Director Bromleys will advise you sensitively how best to fulfil wishes for the scattering of ashes and in some instances could arrange for requests such as ashes being scattered at favourite football clubs, although some Premiership clubs do not allow it.

For those who don't ever want to be parted from loved ones ashes, Bromleys can also arrange for a small amount of the ashes to be preserved in glass, making attractive jewellery with the Ashes Into Glass service.

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