Bolton Hospice Midnight Memories Walkers May Smash Fund-raising Record
13th August 2010
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Bolton Hospice Midnight Walkers may be a record breaker.

The women who took part in the Bolton Hospice Midnight Memories fundraising walk could be record breakers if they get in all the sponsorship money they have been promised.

Costing over £6,000 a day to run the hospice in Bolton with only a fraction of that amunt coming from the government, Bolton Hospice are grateful for all the fundraising support they can get.

Over 2,000 women wearing a shock of pink took part in the eight mile event with £110,000 handed in so far from less that half of those who took part. This means that the final total could be over £200,000 making it the highest ever amount raised by a Midnight Memories Walk in Bolton.

Bolton Hospice are appealing for its remaining 1,000 participants to act now and bring in as much funding as possible. They gave everyone who took part a pink envelope to collect the cash and are urging walkers to remember where they put it, collect the money and return it to the hospice.

The Midnight Memories Walk has become the Bolton Hospices biggest annual fund-raising event.

Anyone wishing to donate to the hospice can donate by clicking on the link below. 








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