Bolton Council may introduce plans to ban take-aways close to schools, What do you think?
11th July 2011
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Junk food and schools has always been an issue but now Bolton Council are considering whether fast food outlets should be banned from opening close to schools in Bolton.

This has come about as the local authority want to tackle child obesity and are looking into having 'no-go zones'

A similar project has been implemented in St Helens and this means that any fast food take-away is prohibited from opening within 400m of a school.

This venues who will not be affected by this will be cafes, restaurants, wine bars nightclubs and sandwich bars.

Bolton Council has said that there are already a number of fast food outlets close to some of the schools in Bolton and these would not be forced to close, it would be those wishing to open moving forward that would be refused.

What are your thoughts? Good Idea or Bad? Is this the council taking responsibilty for our young people and their health or is it too much control?



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