Bolton Band FYI In National Competition Needing YOUR Vote to Win
20th August 2010
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Bolton Band FYI needs your Support to help them win a national competition.

FYI are a young and up and coming Bolton band who ae working really hard to make their name in the music industry.

They have put a letter together below for you to read and decide whether they are worthy of your vote. But dont do nothing, if you dont like them, dont vote, if you do THEN VOTE...lets shout loud and proud for the people of Bolton.

Click on the link below to see the boys in action and to cast your vote.

More about the band can be found on their facebook page


I’m Luke and I’m in the band FYI (For Your Information). We write original music in the hope that one day we might become quite popular. 


Recently, my band entered a competition and the winner receives £10,000 and a recording contract. However, people have to vote and as we’re a new band our own fan base isn’t quite enough people. 


Please don’t mistake that as we’re a new band, we haven’t accomplished anything as we’re very hard working. We have written 7 songs so far in one month and have received compliments on each individual song from people at our concerts. Also we have Achieved 6,750 views on Youtube, 2,393 on our channel and 4,357 on our videos. We have received several honors such as #61 most viewed musicians on one day, #3 most subscribed musicians in one week and we currently stand at #29 most subscribed musicians this month and we’re still inside our first month of membership! Finally, we have gig’s around the UK. For example; Subside, Birmingham and the Victoria Bikers Pub, Leicester. We also performed at the Farnworth arts festival earlier this month. 


We only uploaded our track to the competition website yesterday and we currently stand at number 14. With a lot of hard work, we could get to number 1 before the competition ends on the 1st of September! Your help would mean the world to us, and it could be the beginning of something life changing. It would also be great for Bolton, as it’s a national competition and we would be representing the Bolton music scene. Our success could prove that Bolton is the music capital of not only the North West, but the whole of England.

Thanks for your time,



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