Boiler Summer?!
22nd April 2015
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Most people don’t pay much attention to their boiler over the summer months, but did you know it is actually the best time to have your boiler serviced! Here are a few reasons why from Bain Plumbing Services

To identify faults on your boiler early

During a boiler service, all parts of the boiler are checked and cleaned, visible pipework and radiator function is also checked, potential faults and parts that need attention are identified and can be rectified before they actually fail.


Save money on repairs

During summer months most gas engineers are not as busy, so not only is it easier to book in but if there is remedial work to be completed the price will be a lot more competitive than if it was winter and as a result of a call out.


Save money on bills

Having your boiler serviced in the summer months will ensure your boiler lasts through the colder months, and help reduce your heating bills!  When dust and grime builds up in a boiler it reduces the systems efficiency making it work harder thus increasing energy bills for the upcoming winter months.



Most people will have read the horror stories in the news about people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning.  The scary thing is you can’t see it, taste it or smell it but it can kill quickly and with no warning.  This happens when a gas appliance has been incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained. It can also occur if flues, chimneys or vents are blocked. Any problems like this will be identified during a service.


What we do when we service your boiler -


- Check your boiler is running efficiently.

- Test for harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide.

- Check you radiators are heating up properly and are free from leaks.

- Ensure your hot water cylinder is in good condition (Where applicable).

- Gas tightness is satisfactory and free of gas leaks.

- Check your boilers operating pressure is correct.

- Check ventilation provision is satisfactory.

- Inspect your boiler and controls to make sure they are operating safely and correctly.

- Check the condition and performance of your boilers flue.

- Visually inspect the boiler to check for corrosion and leaks.

- Issue you with a UK Gas Safety Certificate for your boiler. 

If you boiler is under warranty, you will need to have an annual service to maintain the warranty.


Top tips to keep your boiler in tip top condition during summer months


To turn off or not to turn off?

We are all looking to save money on bills, and turning your boiler off during the summer months seems like a no brainer. However, we have found that turning off your boiler completely you are giving dust and grime a chance to build up which  causes your boiler to be less efficient and more susceptible to faults. We would suggest you DO NOT turn your boiler off over summer but use your heating controls to control the boiler. If you set it correctly the heat zones will not call for heat so your boiler will only turn on and off to maintain the heat in the boiler. The amount of gas used to maintain the heat in the boiler is negotiable.  


If you do decide to turn off your boiler….

Remember to run it once a month! This prevents dust and grime accumulating while you boiler is left idle. Dust and fats from cooking are a major cause of damage to boilers; it can interfere or cause blockages on many boiler components. Turning your boiler on also operates and pumps or valves ensuring they do not seize.


Open radiator valves

The insides of a radiator valve can become stuck if it is not used in a while, so we suggest that you regularly open radiator valves during the summer months to prevent this happening, maybe in conjunction with firing up your boiler so water can flow round each radiator.


Check your boiler pressure

Over time boilers can lose pressure, which not only can lead to faults on your boiler but also causes them to run inefficiently. You can check the pressure on the pressure gauge on your boiler, when the boiler is cold and switched off the operating pressure should be between 1-1.5. (Please check manufacturers manual). If you have to top the pressure up frequently there is a problem with you boiler and you will need to get your system checked.


If you need any help or advice, give Bain Plumbing Services a call on 01204 396669. They have a team of employees with a huge amount of knowledge.

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