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14th October 2010
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Giving Blood is one of those things we all know we should do but don't end up doing for various reasons. It may be that you are too sqeamish or that you intend to but the session never fit in with life or work? Well the The National Blood Service are appealing for more blood doners to come forward and do a good deed for the day. There are many places in and around Bolton that you can give blood easily and quickly, for more details of blood donation in Bolton see the end of this blog.

In the Autumn months, stocks of blood tend to fall but over 7,000 blood donations are needed every day to meet hospital demands.

If you are wondering whether you can give blood or not well the simple answer is, most of us can. If you are in general good health, aged between 17-65 and weigh at least 7st 12lb you can donate blood every 16 weeks.

I is really simple to register your interest in donating blood and can be done on the National Blood Service website where they ask for a few simple details and you can also search for your local Bood Donation centre

For those of you out there who are still thinking and pondering this over, here are some facts about giving blood

  • Donating blood is quick and easy
  • Most people can give blood
  • you can give blood every 16 weeks
  • giving blood will not harm your health
  • you will donate just under a pint each time
  • donated blood is quickly replaced by your body
And not one to shame you into doing it but I wonder how many of us would refuse blood or have the same fear of needles if we were lay on an operating table and our lives depended on it!. Ok soap box over, this is a really great cause, Give Blood today and save a life.

You can donate in Bolton at various dates and centres. See below for details.

Bolton Walker Memorial Hall               19th October 2010
Farnworth, Trinity Methodist Church   9th November 2010
Egerton, Walmsley Parish Hall 10th November 2010
Little Lever Christ Church                    17th November 2010
Westhoughton Masonic Hall 24th November 2010

There are many more dates at each venue, check out the National Blood Service Website for more details

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