Black Ice- The Invisible Danger By Perfect Finish
17th December 2014
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Black Ice is one of those invisible dangers of the road which is the cause of so many accidents over the winter period. Perfect Finish Ltd explain what it is and how to be more aware so you don't end up using their body shop services.

Black Ice, sometimes referred to as clear ice, is a clear coating of glazed ice on a road surface or a path.

While strictly speaking, its not really black, its actually transparent and comes from the theory that as it is so transparent, you can see tarmac and the road surface through it.

So here's what to do if you encounter black ice or simply to be aware of its presence to assist you in safer driving.

  1. Understand that Black Ice is no different than regular ice that forms on pavements, roads and any other surface. 
  2. Know when and where to expect black ice- this sort of ice usually forms when the temperature is around freezing point. Keep an eye on road and traffic reports. Its most common early morning or late at night and tends to form on parts of the road that don't get much direct sunlight.
  3. Can you see black ice- the answer is not often but sometimes in the right light, it looks glossy and smooth and if you see this sort of surface on the road its almost always an indicator that black ice is present.
  4. Practice driving on slippery surfaces- if you can in a safe surrounding, perhaps a nice, large empty car park and practice breaking in these conditions so you know what the car feels like should it start to skid and how you can counter this.
At Perfect Finish, they have the unenviable task of sorting cars out when they have been involved in bumps, scrapes or major accidents so if you find yourself in the situation of needing a car body shop repair company in Bolton then Perfect Finish are an excellent choice with over 900 positive reviews, they are a local company you can rely on.
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