Bella Vida's Top Tips To Treat Nits
18th December 2014
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Contrary to popular belief, having headlice, often called nits, does not mean you are dirty and there are ways of treating these quickly and with minimum fuss as Bella Vida explain.

Having headlice or nits can be a huge source of embarrassment but it shouldn't be as everyone at some point in their life will come into contact with someone that has untreated headlice. Headlice is most common in children but can affect anyone young or old. 

Headlice are simply small insects that live in human hair, very small and browny grey in colour. They have six legs with a claw on each end and use these to cling on to the hair. They survive by biting the scalp and feeding on blood.

So how should we treat headlice?

Well there are a number of really effective and quick ways to treat them but what is really important is that you do treat them and don't ignore them.

  • You should only start to treat if you see live headlice, don't treat 'just in case'
  • You can use a method called wet combing which is methodically combing hair from top to bottom on a regular basis to remove live lice and eggs. There is a technique to this which can be seen here
  • You can buy shampoos, lotions and sprays but make sure you speak to your Sykes Chemist Pharmacist for Advice.

Remember headlice is nothing to be ashamed of and should you visit the hairdresser and headlice are found, you can trust they will treat it confidentially and sensitively and give you expert advice on the steps to clear up the infestation.

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