Beechwood Nursery Children win Young Writers Poetry Competition
25th May 2016
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Fantastic news for Beechwood Nursery pre-school children. They recently entered a young writer’s competition and out of the entries the competition received, 9 poems that Beechwood Nursery’s children wrote were picked out!

These poems have been picked out to be published on 30th June in My First Poem – 2016!

The theme of the poems were cantered around who are the children’s friends in the nursery, and the activities that they love to take part in whilst at nursery.

Beechwood Nursery are so proud of their children, and we are too! It’s so great to see a large number of young children getting involved in such a fantastic competition!

We can’t wait to see the children’s poems published! Keep an eye out!

If you would like any more information about Beechwood Nursery, give them a call on 01204 303168


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