Barrons of Beef, Bolton, will serve you up the very best meat for BBQ week
13th May 2013
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Summer is coming (allegedly) and one of those Australian traditions that the British seem to have adopted is the barbeque.

You can put all kinds of meat on the BBQ, but it’ll taste even better if you get the goods from Barrons of Beef first. Their mouth-watering meat packs contain all types of meat, including turkey, duck, pork, chicken, ham and of course beef. Throw these on the barbie and watch them sizzle.

The actual BBQ week runs between May 27th and June 2nd. It is the 17th time the week will be celebrated. Such is the unpredictably of our weather though, we can’t say for sure it’s optimum BBQ time.  

You can BBQ all kinds of foods. Desserts like pineapple or ice-cream taste surprisingly good after going under the charcoal. Sea food is another type of food lots of people won’t think of barbequing, but cover it will flavouring and you’ve got yourself a unique recipe. Even just marinating your usual meats will give them a much needed twist.

Invite your friends and family for a summer party. The fragrant waft of BBQ will travel round your neighbourhood, so all your neighbours will know what you’re up too, and probably want to join in.


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