Barrons of Beef are more then just a butchers, they now sell vintage cordials too.
3rd September 2013
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Barrons of Beef have a new product available for order, and just for a change it isn’t meat or poultry. Nope, this time Barrons of Beef have started selling vintage cordials.

Barrons of Beef saw these for sale at the recent Bolton Food and Drink Festival and after trying them, they liked them that much, they decided to start selling them in their shop. These are only £3.50 a bottle and will go perfectly with one of their famously tasty meat packs.

The cordials come in a choice of flavours such as strawberry and kiwi, blackcurrant and liquorice and dandelion and burdock. You can enjoy them with water and toast your delicious meal.

Barrons of Beef are of course still selling their incredible range of products, including beef, chicken, turkey, pork, gammon and many more. 


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